Saturday, January 3, 2015


next place mat warp being threaded

With the new year come the pundits with their forecasts for what's going to be hot - or not.

On Facebook was an article about up and coming crafts.  It was interesting to see the textile crafts being touted as 'hot' - the coil baskets, macrame, the....home looming.


Well, whatever you call it, I'm very happy to see that the 'experts' are predicting a resurgence of, erm, looming.  Us old folk are getting, well, old.  I for one am hoping to pass on some of my knowledge before I'm too, erm, old, to, um, loom.

This past week I got not one but two phone calls from wannabe weavers.  I already posted a photo of the results of the first, and today another one came to the guild room to give it a go.

I think she's hooked.  


sandrajager said...
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Kerstin på Spinnhuset said...

Looming, huh? And *home* looming, to boot?

- many years ago, I was interested in machine knitting. I *think* "hand looming" was a term used for intarsia machine knitting made in (what's the term? cottage industry, perhaps?)

Brenda said...

So we're back in style again? Cool.

Anonymous said...

We are hot, now that is interesting...but home looming...really...I detest that reference

Martha said...

Everything old is new...LOL! Thanks for the chuckle this evening!