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Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Forest Part Deux

It took a bit of looking, but with the rest of the warp secure, I was able to pick through the repeat more easily than if all the threads were just 'loose' in the heddles.  By having them through the reed, there was less room for them to tangle and get out of sorts while I rooted through the threads...sure enough I'd missed a heddle on shaft nine which threw the entire sequence out of sync.  Here is where I've pushed the heddles to each side to free up the field of attack...

A quick tying of a repair heddle on shaft number nine and a 'spare' end inserted into the proper place.  The end will dangle off the back of the loom while I weave off the 30 yard warp.  Actually it will dangle off the rod in the ceiling, installed specifically for that purpose many moons ago, and which has since seen double duty as a warping valet.  After each two towels I will take a break, let down another couple of yards of yarn so that for my next session I'm all set to go.  At the same time I will take up the tube with the 'spare' ends - I'd wound a few extra ends just because it was easier than making that one section 'short'.  And besides, my narrow goods friend will be happy to take it off my hands so it won't go to waste.

And here it is, all sleyed, tied up and ready to go.  Since I'm weaving with a slubby cotton/linen yarn I'm not sure how many picks per inch the cloth will be until I weave a sample.  Then I'll set the auto cloth advance appropriately, generate the treadling for an entire towel and away I go.

After lunch!


Sandra Rude said...

Actually, I find that the regular getting-up-and-down to lower the replacement ends is a good way to ensure that I move around often enough to avoid straining my back by sitting too long. Looking forward to seeing those towels progress!

Laura Fry said...

I am hoping to extend my weaving time to my usual 45 minutes with this warp. I pop a cassette tape into my boom box and when the music stops I know it's time for a break. :). Hope you are feeling better, Sandra.


Hildred said...

My story as well, - I had double dented the linen I am trying to use up in finger towels - all is well now after dividing and separating and finding the culprit!

I like your music timer - breaks are an important part of aging and recovery....