Friday, May 1, 2015

Moving Right Along

The cloth is actually darker than this but this photo shows the weave structure quite well.  It might actually be iridescent once wet finished although the weft is more blue than purple in real life.

This is the end of the second shawl on this warp.  I'm really feeling how weak I've gotten over the past few months so I'm pacing myself slowly allowing my body to build strength again.  Most people don't realize how much physical effort it takes to weave the way I do, and how fit I used to be.  I may be an old lady but I have done physical labour in one form or another all of my life.

Today I've done two sessions at the loom.  I'm going to do one more and then work at extending those sessions from about 20 minutes upwards until I'm back to my usual 45.  That is going to take a while, but that's ok.  I'm back to weaving and that is A Very Good Thing!


Sandra Rude said...

Love the weave and the colors! Happy weaving.

Tarja Siik said...

Welcome back to Weaving !