Saturday, May 16, 2015

Never Ending

So I wove the 'last' shawl only to discover there is enough warp left to weave one more. 

The temptation to simply call this warp 'done', cut it off and sacrifice the rest was powerful!  But sanity prevailed...I'm nearly out of shawls and having one more is actually A Good Thing.   So I am going to weave one more today and then call it done.

This warp has taken a lot longer than usual because I'm still taking things slowly.   But I am now up to 35 minute sessions.  My goal is to get back to my usual 45 minutes, maybe by the end of this month.   

It will take a few days to dress the loom again, partly because I have a special order of place mats to do on the small loom.  I promised to get them done mid May.   And that's now.

Although I got the yarns for the next shawl warp, I decided to do a tea towel warp next.  I'm out - or at least low - of them, too.   And once they are woven I will have hemming to do in the evening.  I've been knitting and feel like I need a break from that.

After spending the morning knot tying it is time to fire up the AVL and get to work.  The year is almost half over and there are just five months to the first of the craft fairs.   No pressure!   (Much)


barbara said...

Hi Laura - you are doing so well getting warps completed, and working on items that you are very low on. Good planning. Take care, I gather you are still out walking each day to get your strength up and all the goodness the sunshine and fresh air will give you, provided there is not too much smoke in the air. Take care and carry on. Weaverly yours ...... Barbara

Evelyn McQ said...

Oh Laura...I feel soooo lazy when I read your blogs. You are a wonder!!
Nice to hear you are "running out" of shawls and tea towels-a good sign! Hope there is not too much smoke in the air in Prince George. Thinking of you when we hear about the forest fires in your area. Evelyn