Tuesday, May 19, 2015


700+ ends in 700+ heddles...and somewhere in the last 6 inches is a threading error.

Everything was going tickity-boo until the second half of the last full repeat when - instead of an even number of ends at the end of the repeat, I had an uneven number of ends.  So, somewhere in that forest of heddles, I made a mistake.

Now I could have rooted through all those heddles searching for it but instead I chose to continue to the end - I was nearly there, after all - and see if I could find it during sleying.  If I can't find it during sleying, I will tie on and start weaving which will pretty much pinpoint where the error is.

If it was a smaller repeat and fewer shafts, I would have taken the time to find it before finishing the threading stage, but I've been here before and frankly it is a royal pita to find a threading error when I don't know exactly where it is in a 180+ end repeat.  Far faster to just continue and - knowing that there is a mistake somewhere - be on the lookout for it in the following stages.

If I get to the point where I'm tied on and weaving, it is close enough to the edge that I don't mind - too much - having to deal with it at that stage.

With any luck at all it is as simple as two ends in a heddle.  The fix would be simple - just pull out the 'extra' end and let it dangle off the back beam.  With a 30 yard long warp, I wind any surplus ends onto a tube and just wind the yarn onto the tube as I weave.  These 'extra' ends are then donated to a friend who weave narrow goods.  She can make good use of a tube with 30 or so yards on it.


Martha said...

I just had this problem as well, although my warp wasn't as large! However my problem was located much further in from the edge! I actually "waded in" and found the misthread to correct it. Then, when I began weaving, I found one more error, involving crossing two threads coming from the reed through the heddles! That one was an easy "fix". Happily, I am weaving along now!
Thanks for sharing your experience so a much less experienced weaver doesn't feel alone! :-)

Laura Fry said...

Just because you are 'experienced' doesn't mean you don't make mistakes. :-/