Monday, May 18, 2015

Onward Stash Reduction!

Yesterday I wove the special order of place mats, re-tooled the warp for the AVL and this morning started beaming it.

The beauty of this warp is that I not only didn't have to order more yarn in, I actually emptied some spools.  I have 15 of the cones of cotton slub/linen and I'm hoping the 30 yard warp I beamed will not only empty all of those cones, but maybe even whittle away some of the fine linen in my stash.

I have to confess I re-jigged this warp three times before I decided I was content with it.  Not 'happy', you understand, but content that it was going to look ok.  Originally the warp was blue/green, but some of the blues were too dark in value and they were going to really stand out, while the other blues were too similar to the weft and were going to just disappear in the cloth.

So the tweaking proceeded and now I think I'm going to be happy enough with this combination.  The beige threads are mostly lighter in value than the proposed linen, so they should not disappear when - if - I weave with that.

The draft is another large twill variation.  The cotton/linen slub will be woven with an advancing twill treadling; the linen with 'as drawn in'.  The two different cloths will look quite different and most people really won't be able to tell they have been woven on the same warp.

Doug will go pressing again on Wednesday so the place mats will be ready to hem by Wednesday evening, then hopefully get their final press on Friday.  Steady progress, tortoise style.

Just finished reading Under an Afghan Sky by Mellissa Fung.  Currently reading Abbatoir Blues by Peter Robinson.

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Sandra Rude said...

That's going to be a gorgeous warp to weave! Can't wait to see it woven.