Friday, February 19, 2016

Point of resistance

There is a bit of a trick to being able to weave a very open cloth.   The goal, of course, is to do it as consistently as possible, but how to achieve that?

If the density of the warp is close to optimum, there is a natural point of resistance as the beater comes close to the fell.  It is up to the weaver to determine if this point is the appropriate place for the active pick and, if not, how much firmer to squeeze the pick into place. 

The weaver must feel how much force is required to place the pick and then do the same thing every time for each pick.  

Mastering weaving means being able to control the equipment and the materials to achieve the desired results. 

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Stephanie S said...

Interesting warp. Is it will you intend to full? A Scarf?
Your beat is amazingly even, not at all like mine which is at best mostly even!
Stephanie S

Stephanie S said...

Opps, the second question should be: Do you intend to full it?

Laura Fry said...

Just doing samples at the minute. We are not looking at fulling as one of the options for this exploration. We are looking at things like density and 'active' twist.

Lady Locust said...

Beeuuutiful! :)