Tuesday, April 5, 2016

ANWG Conference, Victoria, 2017

This morning I signed the contract with ANWG to teach a couple of 3 hour seminars at the conference in Victoria and emailed it, along with the supporting information to the workshop committee.

It's very exciting to be part of this conference - again.  The association is possibly one of the largest geographical regions in North America and spans the border.  Given the population of Canada, the conference has only been held here a handful of times, so to have it here two times in a row, especially when the exchange rate is pretty awful for Canadians, means that I expect a large turn out for Canadians.

And since Victoria is a bit of a 'destination', I hope to see lots of representation from Americans, too.

The conference typically attracts 400-600 attendees.  The conference in Prince George in 1995 had just over 400, counting instructors.  Prince George guild members are beginning to volunteer for the conference committee for 2019 and there should be a fairly good number of people from here, attending Victoria.  Mainly because so many of our current active guild members are new to weaving etc., and they haven't attended an ANWG previously.

It's very exciting to see the Victoria conference take shape, and begin to make plans for ours.


Rebecca Mezoff said...

I just sent my contract in today! I'm excited to hear you will be there and hope we can chat a little! Tapestry weavers are weavers too and sometimes we forget that in the melee!!!

Laura Fry said...

Looking forward to it! :D