Wednesday, April 20, 2016


So the six month emotional roller coaster successfully crested another hill and I am coasting for another six months.  Now that I know I'm good to go for a while longer I can start making some plans for the coming year. 

I am also delighted to be off the beta blocker which was causing way more problems than benefits and I feel like I have myself back again.  

Over the past year I have had zero energy and therefore turned into a slug, dragging myself through the days, consuming far too much sugar, exercising far too little and gaining weight.  Not recommended for someone with coronary artery disease!

Getting the go ahead to live without chemical interference, enjoying a beautiful early spring day, I started walking again.  If I am no longer healthy, I can at least be as fit as possible...

One of the reasons I needed off the beta blockers was the fatigue that was preventing me from being able to think...something I had to do on the weekend in order to be able to teach.  There were seven students, all of whom did very well.  I hope that they feel inspired to continue.  

The good news just kept on coming today.  There are seven registered for the Olds class here in PG* and 12(!) for Olds Fibre Week in June. 

I have two more students work from level one last year to mark, three more who have asked for extensions and hopefully will submit this summer.  

But best of all?   I am beginning to be able to think again, which means I should be able to get back to writing as soon as the homework is marked.  

There are plans for teaching in the works and holidays/travel to plan.  I try to live in the moment, but cultivate dreams for the future. 

*there are still a couple of spots left...just sayin'


Nancy said...

Good, good news Laura! Saying it in a nice way - you are a thinker and ponderer... and when that part is shut down it feels the same as an athlete on bed rest. So glad that your "gears" are able to run at normal speed again!

Peg Cherre said...

YAY!! The healing continues. :-)

Louisa said...

So happy for you! Progress forward at last.

Sandra Rude said...

Great news! I'm glad to hear you're able to shed a medication that has given you a hard time. The less interference with our body's natural systems, the better we feel.

Laura Fry said...

No kidding! I hope you are feeling better every day, Sandra.