Saturday, April 23, 2016

Making It Work

No one is perfect, no matter how hard we try.  So, mistakes happen, there are 'flaws' that need to be fixed as well as possible.  

The weft here was a fairly stiff three ply linen and at times instead of beating in properly a loop formed, usually on the back side of the cloth where it remained, invisible and therefore I couldn't remediate while weaving.  

Now that it's off the loom, they are all too visible so I'm needle weaving the loop into the cloth.  

It isn't going to be 'perfect' but it will still work. 

Recently I saw an interview with an engineer.  At one point he said that it wasn't the engineers job to make things perfect, but to make them work.  

Wise words to keep in mind when once again, I have aimed for the ideal and fallen short. 


Sandra Rude said...

Oh, yeah, that quote hits home! Aas weavers, we do a fair amount of "making it work."

Laura Fry said...

Indeed, some days I wonder if I really know what I'm doing! ;)