Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Behind the Scene

Goat trails through the studio...

It usually takes me the better part of two days to pull a weaving workshop together.  

First I go through the drafts for the topic, check yarn availability, adjust if necessary.  Then the pages get photocopied, one to go with the yarn another for the packet of handouts.  

I make a list of the drafts, indicating shafts required, table or floor loom, if two shuttles are needed. 

The welcome letter is updated suitable for the class and copied. 

Then I start pulling the required yarns, putting the yarn and paperwork into baggies.  For this workshop, I'm driving so I also stopped at Staples and ran the entire packet, which I will collate for distribution.  Normally the hosting guild provides the copies but there are extenuating circumstances.  

I have to go to the annex tonight to get a large box to pack the yarn into and pick up some yarn as well so I can finish packing the baggies.  Then everything will get put into the mail so participants can dress their looms in time for the workshop. 

But I'm still not done!

The week before I leave I will start collecting the samples, make sure I have the handouts, plus, since I am driving, my sewing machine, small flat bed press and hand cold mangle will be coming with me.  

I will also bring some finished items as examples.  Oh yes, clothing and personal items will be packed and then it will be a full day's drive there on Thursday, workshop Friday/Saturday, and a full day's drive home on Sunday.  

The glamorous life of a travelling weaving teacher...

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Rebecca Mezoff said...

Sometimes I wonder if the students or the event organizers understand how much prep goes into a workshop. I fear not... but most days it is still worth it.

Laura Fry said...

Oh I'm quite sure they don't, partly why I did the post. :).

Katie said...

The Murder of Mary Russell? Tell me it ain't so!

Laura Fry said...

No spoilers!