Thursday, November 24, 2016

A Little Interlude

A very bad cell phone photo of the latest spinning.  

Since getting home from Vancouver I pretty much crashed and burned in terms of energy.  So I have spent rather too much time doing nothing, or at least nothing in regards to weaving.  

I haven't been a complete slug, mind you.  The inventory got sorted, items selected for the Circle Craft website, photos taken, hours spent messing about on said website, trying to figure out how to list said items.  Olds homework got marked.  Knitting got wet finished, some of it delivered to worthy causes.  Two knitted items are for Xmas presents, so those just need to be 'wrapped' (as in placed into a gift bag).

I read a bit, made a few jigsaw puzzles.  I even spent a few hours on the manuscript until it got overwhelming.  Now I'm doing the "this is crap" inner dialogue, something all writers go through at many stages of the book writing process.  

And this weekend is the weaving workshop.  So tomorrow I need to get the handouts sorted for Saturday.  

The following week I will need to get ready for the guild sale.  

We are also into the flurry of getting as much of the renovation work done as possible.  Well, not us, but the construction crew, but that means dealing with their schedule and their noise and commotion. 

But I really have been away from the looms for quite a long time, and need to gear up and get back to weaving.  Hopefully refreshed with renewed energy. 

Currently reading Shadowed Souls, a collection of short stories.  

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Louisa said...

What a coincidence! I'm reading the same book. (Rather darker than I expected.) And you certainly don't sound like a slug at all! Hope the reno goes quickly and well. Not fun trying to work in chaos!