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Sunday, November 13, 2016

Adieu, Vancouver

Parting is such sweet sorrow...

Circle Craft's Christmas Craft Fair is pretty big, something close to 300 exhibitors.  Over the space of five days I managed to walk the show several times, and each time saw - or missed - something or someone.  

During the slow times the crafts people can chat, but of course our primary reason for being there is to sell what we make.  

Every show is different, and there is no guarantee that anybody will buy anything at all.  We pays our money, and we takes our chance.  

Compliments are all well and good but purchases mean bills will get paid, new materials can be purchased.  The highest compliment is when a fellow exhibitor buys...

We head north in the morning.  I'm grateful that this fair season is pretty much over for us with just the guild sale the first weekend in December.  But the work will go on.  I have signed up for an on line shop through Circle Craft's web site so I will have to go through inventory to decide what to offer and all the details of price, shipping charges, etc.,  not to mention taking the photos.  And of course there is the workshop the last weekend of November.  And let's not forget The Book.  

I wonder if I can actually afford to take even a week off...

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Peg Cherre said...

As to your title - for me, leaving a show is always sweet. "Ah, another show done. I can go home now." There is all too often a bit of sorrow if the show fell far short of my expectations, but that's unfortunately becoming the case more and more. If it was just me, I'd assume I wasn't making what people want to buy, but it's fairly universal. We are all (myself included, I admit) buying online more. Or simply purchasing less.

I've decided on changing some of my strategies for the coming year. We'll see if they are successful.