Friday, November 25, 2016

Good Intentions

New display of textiles at the Studio Shop (not my studio, that's it's name).  I have several silk shawls, and a variety of rayon chenille scarves for sale there

So many good intentions, so many miles to hell paved...

After getting the guild room set up for the workshop this morning, I had every intention of getting to the small loom and dressing it with a rayon chenille scarf warp.  You know, one of those warps I wound over a year ago and that have been languishing ever since?  Completely forgetting that Doug was going to work on some plumbing issues.  Since one of those issues is right next to the loom...

Instead of doing something productive, I have found myself - for the last hour - messing about on the internet, not accomplishing anything at all.  I could be working on the manuscript.  I could be working on a yarn order.  I could be doing a number of things.  And I have done none of them.

I think I might grab my library book and just sit in the easy chair and read.  Not exactly productive, but better than playing games on the computer!

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