Sunday, November 27, 2016

New-ish Weavers

Four of six exhausted weavers, with some of their weaving from the weekend.  

This workshop is actually designed for weavers who might be considered intermediate.  Usually a lot of my time is spent explaining how the weave structures work to improve theoretical understanding of the included samples.  

This group wasn't quite to that level, so instead of focusing on theory of weave structures, the focus was more on understanding about the actual weaving...shuttle handling, with most of the warps needing two shuttles. How to deal with selvedges when using two shuttles.  Controlling beat.  Working with looms different than usually used.  One participant had never woven before, so she was literally dropped into the deep end, scrambling to learn the weaving vocabulary and terms while trying to acquire the basic skills of reading a draft, treadling a loom, winding a bobbin, hem stitching.  

Saturday was a pretty intense day and I think everyone was feeling overwhelmed.  Today they continued moving from loom to loom and most got a sample from each warp.  But all of them showed a big improvement and while the samples weren't perfect, there was greater understanding of the materials and tools/equipment.  

I was pleased.  I hope they are.  

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