Monday, November 28, 2016

Bridget Moran

Bridget Moran was a social worker in my town for many years, much respected by those she tried to help.  She also wrote books, of which I've only read one - so far.

After her death a bronze statue in her remembrance was commissioned and placed on one of the benches downtown.  The pose is a listening one, as she did so often in life.  You just know that if you sat down beside her, she would listen to all your woes.

In years past people have at times helped her fend off our winter weather, and she sometimes sports tuques and scarves.

We had some wet snow over the weekend so I was curious when I was in the area tonight to see how Bridget was faring.  The scarf that had been casually draped around her neck last week had been redraped to cover her head against the falling snow.  Tonight it bore a crown of wet snow.

Not a great picture, but it was full dark and I was only using my cell phone.  Stay warm Bridget.

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Cyndi in BC said...

I love this! :) I took a couple of writing courses with Bridget and went to high school with her daughters. Such a nice lady and was a good listener. Nice that she's been remembered so well. :)