Saturday, December 17, 2016

Happy Place

When life gets overwhelming, it is good to get back to my happy place.  

2016 has been a stressful year, piled on top of many stressful times and I find myself contemplating many questions.  Some options are available. I just have to make decisions.  For some of the questions, I have to wait for more information.  Waiting for that information is hard, but necessary.  Since I have to wait, I might as well weave, even if I don't much feel like it.  If nothing else, I can generate a few endorphins and weaving will make the waiting easier.  Plus there will be cloth made.  Win-win!

Currently reading Fire Touched by Patricia Briggs

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Brenda said...

My happy place these days is an easy chair by the ceramic heater, quilting a baby quilt for Grandchild #2. #3 is a month old and amply provided with blankets, etc. His quilt will be done in time for when he's more independently mobile.

Thinking on your dilemma, hopefully the answers yet to be received will make the decisions easier. 2016 was a year for major decisions and lifestyle changes for me, and I found that after months of dithering, a key event made it very easy to make the decision.

I remember my dad telling me once, when I was a teenager filled with angst trying to make a decision (on what, I do not remember) "Just make a choice, and then you'll know if it was the right one or not by how you feel once you've decided." And he was right.

Be well, my friend, and weave on.

Currently reading Blood & Beauty: The Borgias by Sarah Dunant.