Friday, December 9, 2016


Recently it occurred to me that I have bern running on empty.  

Between my health issues, including adverse reactions to drugs meant to help - and weren't - plus my moms health issues, trying to get renovations to the house done, then having them start just as we were heading into show season, trying to also write a technical manual of a complex process was hubris of the highest order.  

When the weather, which had been mild much further into the season than normal, suddenly turned bitterly cold, not only the work stopped, so did I.  

I got 2/3's of the way through the latest rounds of edits and simply could not get back to them.  Nor could I work with the studio topsy turvy.  

Rather than beat myself up because I could not seem to force myself to do something productive I indulged myself by knitting, spinning at drop in, making puzzles and reading.  

Now, the studio is in no way 'organized', but I can actually do things in it.  After writing an order for blue place mats at the guild sale last weekend I wound some warps, got one beamed yesterday and my goal for today is to get it threaded, sleyed and tied up.  

Maybe tomorrow I will finally feel like weaving. 


Stephanie S said...

November and December are difficult months to be productive at least for me - no push for deadlines. But you have much more going on this year to contend with. The new year should give you more energy. You manage your time and energy better than anyone I know.
Best Wishes
Stephanie S

Rachelle said...

Sometimes you need a break, something different with no time demands on it to freshen the mind and feel yourself again. I've taken a break from sewing for that reason, too many things with deadlines and now they're done I feel like doing something else. I'm going to spin and knit for a wee bit. Weaving is still a week or so off, my leg isn't ready to sit under Abigail just yet.