Tuesday, December 6, 2016


The studio is still in a state of upheaval although I have managed to reduce the rubble enough that I can wind warps.  I had intended to weave off the rayon chenille warps that were wound over a year ago, even got one done.  But I took an order for blue place mats over the weekend, so I started winding blue warps.  As soon as the curtains go back up at the north end of the studio I can get a few things cleared off my work table and hopefully roar through a few warps.  Since the mats need hemming before they can be sold, I figured the chenille could wait for a bit. 

The renovations have been very disrupting in so many ways and will soon be put on hold due to the weather.  If I can just get the studio functional, I can live with the rest of the house the way it is and hunker down for the winter.  

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Peg Cherre said...

Sometimes I can work amidst chaos, and sometimes I can't. Don't know what the difference is for me, why it's not consistent. Good luck taming the beast!