Monday, April 2, 2018

Be Bold

Writing a book, especially a technical one about a craft that is multi-layered, is a bit of a dance.  A waltz, perhaps.  Two steps forward, one sideways?

Like dancing, one never really writes a book All By Themselves.  In my case, I have had multiple 'partners' as friends have beta read and given their observations.  Two steps back, one step sideways.

Now I have a professional editor and the dance continues. 

Fighting through the fatigue brain fog I have come to the point where the bulk of the writing is now done.  Yes, there are some tweaks to be done - some editing of material that is, perhaps, repetitive.  OTOH, sometimes a thing has to be said several times before the concept sinks in.  So perhaps I will leave the repetition in.  Or not.

Two steps forward, one sideways.

A couple of friends are giving me yet more help by taking on the weaving of some of the projects that I want to illustrate the weave structures I have included.  But that still leaves me with some to do myself.

Today I started winding the first warp.  Two steps forward.

But all of this is done knowing that this book is not for everyone.  (Two steps back.)  My book will be a disappointment to some - and today's society being what it is, they will - no doubt - loudly share their disappointment on the internet.  (Two steps back,one sideways.) 

For all of you who have maintained that you can't wait - I do so hope that you will find information that is of use, that is helpful.  And that, if you do, when the time comes, that you will also share that on the internet.

Because I can't do this dance All By Myself.

Bottom line?  I'm going through this dance as a way to preserve some of the knowledge I have come to over the years.  I'm hoping it will serve as a companion to the DVDs, the video clips on You Tube, even, perhaps, this blog. 

Yes, I have covered almost all of the material in the book on the blog, one way or another, but putting the information between the covers of a book it will be easier to find.  That you won't need to go searching through my 1000+ blog posts to find what you are looking for.

And I'm still aiming for publication before the end of the year.  Two steps forward.


Katie said...

Rooting for you here in Missouri! I so admire your perseverance, Laura. And I’m very excited about the book.

PaperJockey said...

I’m very much looking forward to your book.