Thursday, April 26, 2018

Mad Scramble

My life seems to alternate between the calm before the storm and...the storm.

I wanted to use a 'cartoon' I saw on the internet about what your plans are and reality.  My plans being a nice smooth path to my goal.  Reality being a mountainous up and down over and around numerous obstacles kind of journey.

But you get the drift...

This morning I was chatting with a friend about how we always seem to be juggling way too many balls, wearing way too many hats.  We agreed that if we didn't we wouldn't likely get off the sofa of a morning.  Some of us just keep having Really Great Ideas.  And then of course, someone has to implement them, right?

Also, this morning, I have been shooting off emails and messages about the conference, the classes, and a friend about the progress being made.  Oh yeah - and weaving on the above warp.

The good news is that the class manuals for WA are scheduled to be delivered today.  A Just In Time delivery if ever there was one.  Because class begins Monday morning at 9.  Sharp. 

Plans for the conference are shaping up.  Still a few details to nail down, but so good.

I am looking forward to surmounting the next peak on  my path.  There won't be much time to rest when I get home, though, because I have work scheduled that has to be done in between WA and Cape Breton.

Where would I be without deadlines?  Sitting on the sofa eating bon-bons?  Nah, I'd think up something else wonderful that I just had to do...

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