Saturday, April 28, 2018

Launch Time

It's almost launch time.  There are a few more things to add to the pile, mostly 'personal' items.  The next six weeks are going to be crammed with deadlines, mostly of the teaching sort.  It is very exciting to see the growth in interest in the Olds Master Weaving program, and the desire for weavers to understand the craft more deeply.  At least, it's exciting for me.  I hope the students also find it exciting!

The level one class beginning on Monday has 11.  Level one in Cape Breton has five, with room for more.  Level two Cape Breton has nine, possibly 10 as one more person is contemplating joining us.  The classes at Olds College proper during Fibre Week are filling - level one has 12, which makes that a full class (although I have been known to accept one or two more rather than disappoint.  Plus I have a teaching assistant in Olds, so could potentially take a couple more.)

Level two and three are running during Fibre Week as well. 

Time for me to weave a bit on the warp I dressed yesterday.  I am so grateful I am able to keep weaving and teaching, even if my energy levels aren't what they were.  And that weavers are coming through the system, ready, willing and able to take the torch and carry the knowledge forward into the future.

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