Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Seeking Balance

Yesterday I had a good chat with the nurse practitioner as we seek to find balance in my treatment - sufficient drug to control the cancerous cells, not so much that I have to deal with adverse effects.  To that end, I am now on one capsule per day.  I am really hoping that this works because there is nowhere to go from there...

In the event that I will still have some degree of adverse effect to the drug, I am having to also tweak my life. 

The things that are important become clearer when 'normal' changes to something...less...

My long range goal for the past few years has been stash reduction.  So I will continue to work on that.  As I use up the things I'm not all that fond of, I am hoping to pare my stash down to my favourite yarns and not have these other challenges staring at me from my shelves.

The next six months are getting very crunchy with deadlines but roughly these are my priorities (I tend to use this blog to sort out my thoughts and make them more real by writing them down)

Book projects.  The warps above started out as a book project.  But I'm also using up stash that is not necessarily readily available, so I will use one of the ones that is made entirely from Brassard yarns, rather than the ones where I have dipped into my non-standard stash in order to use it up.  Then I got captivated by playing with colour and went a little nuts pulling lots of combinations that will all weave up into table runners.

Because I also need table runners for inventory for the up coming craft fair season.

In addition to the above heap of yarn/wound warps, there are also 4 place mat warps wound, ready to be woven. 

Then there is the warp Doug just beamed onto the AVL - for more table runners - those ones a little more dressy than these will be with their textured/slubby weft.

One of those table runners will likely go into the book as well, perhaps as part of a 'gallery' of textiles for inspiration, not necessarily as a project.  OTOH, just because it is 16 shafts doesn't mean I can't include it as a project.  Hmm.

I have also volunteered to weave samples for another weaver.  Those will have to be done in a small window of opportunity in May.  A window which may be closing to a much smaller window at the possibility of a level one in Cape Breton looks more feasible.  There are 5 registered - we need 8.  It is quite possible three more could register before April 28.

In July I've arranged for a photographer to come and deal with the masses of photos required for the book.

I have also just 'volunteered' to weave a project for Handwoven - due in August.  Surely I can do that with no problem?  I can also piggy back a book project onto that warp, so...win-win?  If they are interested, of course.  They can say no if my proposal doesn't fit their theme.

Then there is the possibility of an on line class to be taped in August.  I will follow up on that soon because I still have to prepare for that - IF it will go ahead.

And that just takes me to the end of August...


Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Oh my, I get tired just looking at that list! And how long have you had Doug beaming warps? I know he does pressing and loom maintenance and lifting/hauling/assembly for shows. Do you think he'll ever work his way to holding a shuttle?

Laura Fry said...

When the studio was our only source of income, beaming warps was also his job. So he's an experienced warp beamer. And no, he won't ever weave. :)

Rachel said...

So looking forward to Lvl 1 in May. I hope, hope, hope 3 more sign up!