Friday, April 6, 2018

Whoosh! Swish!

I love deadlines.  Especially the sound as they Swoosh by!

I knew that this spring was going to be crunchy with deadlines and I am now in the thick of them.

The first level one class is a 'go' and as much as can be done, has been done.  My tickets are booked, class materials sent, accommodation and ground transportation pretty much organized.  Still a few details to work out, but those are best done once I'm there.

But now it's time to deal with the next set - Cape Breton.  Dianne was bold and booked another level one the last week of May.  I still haven't heard if there are enough people registered to make that a go or not, so here's a shout out to anyone on the eastern seaboard -  Level one, with moi, May 28 to June 1.  The student accommodation at the Gaelic college is the usual sort of student rooming, but believe me, you won't be spending much time in your room!  :D  The food is decent and location quiet.

Level two in Cape Breton is probably going to go.  There are a couple more people who need to send in their homework but I am assured that they are working on it.

After that?  Level one in Olds during Fibre Week.  That class is confirmed to go, but we can take up to 12 (and I have been known to take one or two 'extra' if my arm is sufficiently twisted!)

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Rhonda from Baddeck said...

Busy busy busy - so much travel in such a short time. I hope spring arrives in Cape Breton before you get there!