Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Day One

Day one, level one. 

The usual chaos reigns as people come to grips with the program.  

The master weaving program is not your standard workshop.  Workshops are geared toward conveying a nugget of information, or two.  Workshops tend to be more social, with time for the participants to chat.  

This course is not relaxed.  There is a great deal to do and time is limited.  Feeling overwhelmed is the normal state for the first three days.  It is only once the majority of the lectures have been given and the in class exercises done, or nearly done, that the students can begin to put it all together. 

Level one is probably the most difficult, for the students.  And for the instructors.  The students may, or may not, know some of the theory being presented.  The focus, for me, is to try to start filling in some if the cracks in their foundation of knowledge.  There are multiple processes being used, so that becomes confusing when students see different ways to dress the loom, or, after my demo, they try my way.  

It all feels very confusing on day two.  

So I am sitting quietly, fortifying myself with a cup of tea, getting ready to spread more information via the proverbial fire hose. 

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