Saturday, May 12, 2018

Direct Tie Up

I am weaving a 'library' of samples right now and this section is alternating between 1:3 and 2:2 twill.

Rather than spend a bunch of time on the floor changing the tie up, I opted instead to just use a direct tie up (essentially a 1:3 twill) and when a 2:2 twill is required, I just use two feet.

Much more efficient than constantly changing the actual tie up and way less time spent on the floor doing it.


Sharon said...

I took a weaving class where direct tie-up was required and I’m so glad it was. It felt like the equivalent of learning DOS before using Windows.

Laura Fry said...

When changing treadlings frequently a direct tie up really is much more efficient. Plus you have to really *learn* the weave structure. :)