Saturday, May 19, 2018

My Way!

The warp currently on the loom is for gamps.  Colour and value gamps.  As such, the wefts are 20 of the 'rainbow' spectrum, plus 10 shades/tints/neutrals.  A total of 30 different wefts, some of them very very close in hue and value. 

I'm not weaving just one gamp, which I could just go ahead and set the colours out, weave them off and never think about them again.  No, I'm weaving three gamps.  One in plain weave, one in 2:2 twill and one in 1:3 twill.

Not to mention there will be a gap of about four weeks between doing the first (plain weave) and the other two.  I had to come up with a way to keep track of the colours in their order.  At first I just laid them out in their order in the plastic tub, but there are multiple packages of each colour and at times it was very difficult to tell the packages laying next to each other apart.

So I grabbed a box of little baggies, numbered them from 1-20 (for the spectrum - I'll deal with the last 10 later) and carefully laid them out in their order in the bin.  Then I started winding the bobbins/quills (quills because I don't currently have 30 bobbins available!) and have laid them out in their order.  At first I started by carrying five at a time over to the loom but I was still having too much trouble distinguishing the colours, so now I weave one colour (5" or so) get up from the loom, walk over to the work table, put the used quill/bobbin into the appropriate baggie and take the next back to the loom.

It isn't the most efficient, in that I'm doing a lot of walking, but it is being very efficient in terms of keeping track of which ones I've done. 

And Fitbit is loving the 'extra' steps!  Win-win!

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