Friday, May 11, 2018

And Life Goes On

I came home to a boat load of critical deadlines which took me several days to wrestle to completion.  It was a stressful few days while I dealt with them, several times messing up because I was rushed, or not thinking clearly, trying to bushwhack my way through my must-be-done list.

Lurking in the background was my check up at the cancer clinic today.  Was I responding well enough to the lowest possible dose?  Or not?  If not, what then?  I didn't know.

Turns out I'm doing just fine in terms of keeping the cancer under control.  I do still have adverse effects, although they have reduced somewhat in intensity.  It would appear for the next few years, this is my new 'normal'.

As such, I am now gearing up to keep plodding forward - with a reduced commitment - once the book and conference are done.  Just another 7 or so months for the book - if I can keep to schedule on that.  Just another 13 or so months for the conference.  The wrap up will largely be in the hands of the treasurer so once the event is over with, my input will be minimal.

I have just been approached to teach again at John C Campbell in Sept. '19.  I've said yes.  Not because they pay well, but because it is near friends and I can piggy back a trip to visit with them while I am in the area. 

And because I am just a sucker for helping weavers understand their craft at a deeper level.  In the meantime, I hear there are *already* six enrolled for Sept of this year.  Six spots left.  Just saying...

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Peg Cherre said...

YAY!!! Responding well to the new treatment is WONDERFUL!!!