Tuesday, May 15, 2018

The Last Box

Today the 'last' box of homework arrived.  I think this year may have been a bit of an anomaly.  I would have to check my class list, but I think that every student in both level one classes I taught last year submitted (or will) their homework for marking.  Even though Life Happened in a big way for several people they stuck to it and managed to get their homework to me.  Even if it was just in time!  (One has asked for an extension, but is working away on submitting later in the year.)

It is not unusual for one or two people to drop out along the way.  Things happen.  Jobs change.  Life circumstances change.  Some people move.  Others have health issues suddenly crop up.  Some take a 'gap' year to work on what they learned in level one.

One of the most important lessons some of them have learned is that level one may look 'simple' but the nuances of the craft need to be understood and skills perfected.  And that doesn't happen right away.  Even people who are experienced sometimes find that the level one exercises are more difficult than might first appear.  That there is complexity in simplicity as one student put it.  (Search for Carol M's guest blog post for more on that.)

The Cape Breton class was unusual in that there was such a very high level of experience and knowledge.  As expected they pulled off getting it done, even if it was just under the wire for a couple.  This year all of the original students in level one at CB are continuing one to level two, plus this morning I found out that there will be seven in level one.  Dianne wants to continue to grow the program at the Gaelic College and we will be discussing that while I am out there.

Next year is going to be busy for me.  Four classes of homework to mark, plus the conference.  I may need to infuse coffee directly into my veins...

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