Sunday, May 27, 2018


The classroom is ready.  The studio is ready.  Well, a few more things, but as ready as I can be.  

I’m expecting students to begin arriving at any time now.  We will go out for dinner at a nearby restaurant along with some of the level two students.  

Even though flying across the country isn’t nearly as much fun as I’d like, the students never fail to inspire.  Their desire to learn more is the fuel that keeps me going. 

Level one has seven students so we should have plenty of time for All The Questions.  Level two has 10, but most are very experienced, several of whom have been teaching for years.  Their willingness to contribute resources, samples and their knowledge makes it a delight, too.  

And, while it is chilly, it isn’t raining...or it’s all good.  

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Cathryn Amidei said...

Enjoy and admire your posts and you!
Here's to the matrix!