Friday, February 21, 2020

Head Aches the new computer back today and now the 'getting used to Win 10' headaches.

Seems my digital camera is 'too old'.  I tried to download new software so I can download the photos I have taken over the past few days and...nothing.  

So then I tried to use the features of Win 10.  The camera appeared to download to a file called 'photos', but do they show up in my file called 'pictures'?  No.  No they do not.

In the end I had to re-take the photos for the Handwoven article because the ones I took with the digital camera were a) too low resolution then b) 'not great'.  They asked me to take photos with my phone.  Apparently phones now take photos of better quality than my ancient digital camera.  

Other programs no longer work the way I want/need them to, so I have to learn how they actually work now.  I have lost not just my photo editing software, but other graphic type programs that were known and familiar.

That said, Bob was excellent in responding to my request for a new validation code and even suggested I upgrade Fiberworks as I am running a (ahem) rather old version of the program.  I thanked him, but said that I already had a 'fighting with the computer' head ache and if I decide to tackle that later, I'll get back to him.

In the end I wound up paying more for the new computer than I'd planned because other programs were 'too old' - so I had to buy new Office Works, new security, upgrade the memory, as well as pay for the tech support to transfer the data and tell me all the things that I had to spend more money on.

All this while I'm trying to get my head wrapped around the two day workshop beginning tomorrow.

I 'wasted' a couple of hours today trying to sort out the computer, deal with Win 10 setting up an outlook email I didn't want, but in the end needed.  It isn't something I will be using in the future as I already have three email addresses.  A fourth was overkill.

I also made an appointment to adjust my studio insurance for the first week in March.  Doug says he will be out of the annex by the end of this month.

In addition to all that, he has been dealing with plumbing issues.  Nothing catastrophic, just us trying to avert a bigger problem.

We both have tension headaches.

For now I'm going to go wind bobbins so that I can actually weave - maybe - on Monday.  Except that I have three 'health' appointments next week - deep tissue massage on Monday, pain treatment Tuesday and chiropractor on Thursday.

Getting decrepit sucks.  OTOH, I'm still  here, still able to weave.  So...

And if anyone wants to help keep me going, the link to ko-fi is under tip jar.  I think.

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