Thursday, February 20, 2020


Started hemming the towels that came off the loom last Friday.   The warp is 2/16 cotton, the weft a fine linen single.  The colours on my screen are pretty accurate, with three different colours in the warp - a medium blue, a greyed blue and a greyed green.  The linen is a much lighter value spring green.  

It was also much finer than the cotton so I added some plain weave into the tie up which resulted in a more stable fabric and a greater blending of the colours.  

They are for sale.  Somewhere.  Here if no where else.   I still haven’t figured out how I will proceed in selling my current and planned inventory.  

Yesterday I squeezed my credit card tight and it only whimpered rather than screamed, so I plunked it down and bought a new cpu.   The old one is at tech support with the new.  For those who contributed to my ko-fi fund, thank you.   If there is interest in purchasing these or other of my tea towels, I can post photos once I get my desktop up and running.  Trying to do a sale using the iPad just doesn’t work very well.  

Email me if interested.  Or use the ko-fi link to help with the new cpu.   

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