Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Big Scarf, Next Installment

Here is the tail end of scarf #2, (on the left) and the beginning of #3. This time I remembered to reset the Compu-Dobby so I got the full 158 pick repeat. :)

I'll tweak it a bit tomorrow and do something similar, but a little different for #4.

With a 30 yard warp, I could get at least a dozen scarves off this warp. I don't think I'll have enough weft for that many, however, so I will likely get some small towels off this warp, too.

The question is, can I sell that many blue and white scarves? Probably not. So why am I continuing to make them? It's not just that I'm into stash reduction, although I am. I also know a professional dyer who will take blanks and turn them into gorgeously dyed finished items. So I expect I'll be sending some of these to her.

If I remember I'll take a photo of some silk scarves I wove in black and white and Teresa dyed for me. Teresa, if you're reading this, post the URL for your website in the comments? I'll put a link to it on the side bar, too.


Anonymous said...

Yes! Please do say more and show more about dying blue and white scarves in a way that makes them absolutely marvelously beautiful! I wouldn't know how to begin doing something like that!

K said...

I'd love to hear more too! Including what sett you used; I've generally seen tabby recommended for chenille and am excited by seeing you use chenille for a more interesting pattern.

Laura said...

The rayon chenille I'm using is very fine - 3000 yd/pd. The warp is 24 epi, and I'm weaving it at 24ppi. One of the reasons I'm giving it a hard press is to help set everything in place. I'm leery to leave it unpressed in case the chenille starts to worm. :)

As for dyeing the woven goods - I leave that in the capable hands of Teresa. Yes, she dyes for others, not just me. You'll have to contact her for prices.



K said...

Thanks, Laura! 3000 ypp... I can imagine your finished product being ever so supple and soft. The chenille sample I'm halfway though threading at the moment is just 1300 ypp.