Friday, December 19, 2008


The January/February Handwoven arrived today. My article on fulling Harrisville yarn is on page 24/25. I also have the Endnotes essay on the last page. :D

For anyone interested, there is a video clip on my web site showing one way of fulling by hand. Go to then click on Store and CDWeaver. The video clip is available for both PC and Mac thanks to my web master.

I realized the other day that I've been posting an awful lot. Part of the reason is that I'm weaving a lot. One of the reasons I'm weaving a lot is because I'm not going to be home much from January to June. Los Angeles and Tucson have both confirmed their workshops in January, and I'll be working on getting the warp yarns and instructions ready to mail out, hopefully by Monday.

In the meantime, however, the warp on the Fanny is nearly done - one more table runner and it can come off - tonight, I hope.

It's looking good for the workshops in February, although Indianopolis won't know until later in January. The March workshop in Boise will go ahead, although they are looking for more participants. The April workshop in Grand Forks will go ahead, too. I'll drive to that one and hopefully visit a bit with friends along the way.

In May I'm booked to do two seminars at the HWSDA conference in Olds, Alberta. I'll also be at the ANWG conference in Spokane, but only in the vendor area. I'll be manning Teresa Ruch's booth while she teaches. :)

The last workshop of the year is in Lake Orien, MI at Heritage Spinning and Weaving. I was there a few years ago and am really happy to be going back. Joan and her crew are great.


Anonymous said...

Laura, may good health accompany you on all your journeys! And thanks for taking the time to post as often as you do -- your posts are really worth a lot to others!

Tina said...

You might be coming to Indianapolis? When? Which guild has asked you? Can you tell I'm excited at the prospect of attending one of your workshops?

Laura said...

Yes I'm booked at the Indianapolis Art Centre. Contact info etc., on the Schedule page on my website. :)



Peg in South Carolina said...

I for one really enjoy your posts. I am so glad you can and are willing to take the time to write them. Just being able to rub shoulders, so to speak, with such an experienced weaver is something I am most grateful for.

Sue said...

Laura, if you have extra time in Tucson, go see the butterfly exhibit at Tucson Botanical Gardens. We went Sunday and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Laura said...

I'm going to have a couple of days in Tucson - my hostess says she will keep me busy. :)