Sunday, December 21, 2008

No Weaving Today

Looks like there will be no weaving for me today.

The morning was spent getting the place mats and runners I pressed yesterday trimmed, tagged, priced, inventoried and delivered to the local consignment shop. (I also swung by the local book shop to buy Doug some Christmas presents.) :)

This afternoon I updated the Gamps Galore workshop for Tucson, winding four of the warps. Sometimes it's just easier to do it myself than try to clearly explain something. :}

There are 10 signed up, and I may duplicate a couple of the slower weaving ones in case a couple more sign up between now and January - although that's a bit of a long shot.

I still have to finish getting the master copies ready, type out a list of the warps and how many shafts, shuttles/bobbins the various warps will require, bag everything up and load it all into a box. Hopefully I have one that is the right size because this box really needed to be in the mail last week. :(

LA is still hoping for more to sign up, but I'll start on their box as soon as Tucson is done and get that into the mail on Tuesday. Both boxes will have to go by air mail. Hopefully everyone will have time to get their looms ready, although I've found that the longer lead time some people have, the longer they procrastinate. Sometimes a short lead time is a boon. I know it is for me! :D I'm definitely deadline driven, and the closer the deadline, the more driven I get! :D


Sharon said...

I decided at the end of August that I had to do something to get my work life in balance or my health was going to start suffering. So I pledged not to take work home or to even check work email on the weekends. To keep myself busy and prevent getting agitated I started weaving like crazy.

Things have gotten a little more complicated, I had to do some work-related travel, and of course the holidays made things more interesting. But I decided I would still keep "weaving like crazy" even if I had to define weaving as looking at Handwoven or planning a project or fiddling with planning projects. My goal is to do something weaving-related every day, which really isn't hard.

If you want to use my definition of weaving then you could even say you were weaving today!

I love the photos of yarn. Over Thanksgiving I got a new bookshelf for my yarns and sometimes I'll just go look at all the pretty colors and feel this burgeoning happiness right at the center of who I am. :-D

Laura said...

You're right Sharon - it's all weaving. But I'm supposed to get at least 30 minutes of aerobic activity every day - and that isn't going to happen.

The good news is that the Tucson box is ready to be addressed and mailed. :)



Anonymous said...

Can i ask what the colors/yarn is in the upper left - they are gorgeous! what is the project you are using them for?


Laura said...

The yarns are for the Tucson, AZ workshop Gamps Galore. The yarns to the left are for colour gamps.
Since this is a round robin, there are just three colours per gamp, although people can use other weft colours as well as those in the warp.

The yarns on the bottom left are for a black and red colour and weave gamp on 8 shafts.

The yarns on the right are for other forms of gamps - huck and Swedish lace, twills, Summer and Winter and so on.



Sharon said...

Perhaps if you jogged to the post office? :-D

I didn't realize how aerobic weaving was until I got to my father's house and haven't been weaving. And the weather and a cold have kept me inside. Yikes!

On the other hand, I'm delighted to be able to tell my doctor that weaving is aerobic, since he currently believes that weaving prevents me from exercising.

Laura said...

No jogging in this -20 C degree weather! :D

But I did get back to the loom today. After 3 days of no weaving, my bp was high this afternoon so I put everything else on hold and wove for 30 minutes. The good news is that my bp came down nicely. :D

The box for LA made it to the post office today and I'll start on the Birmingham, AL and Columbus, OH workshops tomorrow. Obviously I really *do* need to do my 30 minutes of aerobics every single day. :}