Sunday, December 7, 2008

Red Towels, Finished

Not sure why this photo looks so fuzzy on the blog - it looked fine in my Kodak software. Oh well.......

These are the 100% cotton towels, woven last - October? My how time flies.

Anyway, I got them wet finished and pressed today. They will be used as gifts for anyone buying a copy of Magic in the Water until Dec. 15. A little extra treat for the holidays. :)

In terms of stash reduction, these towels are very satisfying. The 2/18 red cotton had been purchased way back in the 1980's and had graced my shelves for a rather long time waiting for the right time, the right project. Well, the time had come, and the project appeared!

Speaking of Magic, the Canadian dollar continutes to sink in value making the price in US$ more and more attractive. I'd hoped to sell the last copies this year, but there are still plenty left. :}

On the weaving front, I did do some today. Got another chenille shawl woven, and a second one started. I think it will be my last on this warp. I bought some corn fibre - not INGEO - from a knitting shop. I heard there was a new corn fibre out now, and it would appear this yarn is it. I'll do a melt test and see if it melts at a low temperature like the INGEO, or if it's more stable. There were 5 balls of it on sale at the shop, and I think there should be enough for weft for a shawl. Since I've never seen INGEO or corn yarn on sale before - only the fibre - I'm interested to weave this up and see what sort of cloth it makes.

After that, it will be back to tea towels..........


Sandra Rude said...

Laura, the towels look terrific! Isn't it a satisfying feeling to reduce the stash of bought-long-ago yarns? I'm trying to do the same thing. Dishtowels, too!
-- Sandra

Laura said...

Hi Sandra,

If they don't sell, they will eventually get used up for gifts or donations. :) Best of all is seeing my stash reduce!



Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

Even though the picture is fuzzy they are absolutely beautiful!!!

Sharon said...

What if somebody already has a copy of Magic? Could such a person get a red towel anyway?


Laura said...

Red towels can be me!