Friday, June 26, 2009

Cloth Materializing

Got started weaving last night after fixing a threading error, and a tie-up error. It's taking a while to get used to the rhythm - two picks of foundation, one pick of pattern. It feels unbalanced and erratic, which is only normal given the hop, hop, skip nature of throwing the two shuttles. :)

With such a heavy concentration of chenille - threads in both warp and weft - I opted for the cheese grater beam. This warp is 20 yards long, so I want the auto cloth advance to work properly!

This first afghan has some quality issues - i.e. the tie up error and loops at the selvedge - but since this warp was an experiment - and a very 'full size sample' I'll probably give the first one to my mom. The blue is less grey in life than in the photo, and should go with her sofa. Besides which, she's my mom and will forgive a few oopsies. :D

I'll design a more adverturous pattern for the next one now that I've figured out how the tie up works. The threading I used was not the traditional sequence, but threaded on a point progression over 16 shafts. If anyone is interested in the draft, I can post to Weavolution.


Delighted Hands said...

It looks so lush......wish I could touch it! Good job!

Sharon Schulze said...

What is a cheese grater beam?

Laura said...

It will be very lush after wet finishing! :D

Sharon, you can see the beam when you're here. Won't promise we'll use it, but you can never tell. :)