Friday, June 5, 2009


This picture is not so much about how I rough sley the reed (which has been covered in step by step detail on CD Weaver in You Have to be Warped) but about the size of the ties I use to secure the cross and tie off the warp chain.

I was reminded about this not too long ago when my studio assistant wound a warp for me and used a 2/8 cotton doubled to secure the cross, etc. This tie was far too skinny for me as I had to fiddle way too much with untying the warp. A fat tie yarn is so much easier to see and to remove than a skinny one.

It is also a good idea to use something with a little 'tooth' - a little grip. Something slippery just doesn't want to tie securely.

In thinking about all this while getting the next chenille warp ready I started thinking about general issues of efficiency and how so few weavers even realize that there are more efficient ways of working than what they may have been shown, or worked out on their own in the isolation of their homes/studios.

I was also thinking about Weavolution as I've purchased an ad and the developers are getting really excited about their up-coming launch date June 8. That's just a few days away and they will soon know if the weaving community will join in the excitement. :)

Weavolution will be able to host special interest forums, and I started wondering if there was any interest in a forum about working efficiently. Now efficiency is personal, depending upon our physical abilities, disabilities, equipment and space available. But it is also general. There is some equipment that just doesn't work very well (impo) but if the person using it has never seen any other type, how would they know?

So what do you think? Would such a special interest forum on Weavolution be something you would be interested in?

Email me through my website or post a comment here.

ps - if you have CD Weaver and find it helpful, I'd appreciate reviews to the weaving groups.

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Meara said...

I would find a forum on efficiency very useful. By reading weaving blogs I discover everyday that other weavers have great ideas that I never thought of. And I weave very slowly.


Frida said...

I would find it very useful and interesting too. Seeing other ways of doing things are always so educational. And I know very little about efficiency.

B-M said...

I agree, such a forum would not only be helpful but also interesting read since we all do things are own ways - till something better comes our way...

Sharon Schulze said...

YES YES YES! Sign me up for an efficiency forum. Life throws so many roadblocks in my way and the rest of my life is doomed to be messy and inefficient. Being able to have the refuge of weaving efficiently is extremely appealing. :-D

Delighted Hands said...

Since I am a complete newbie, it sounds like a wonderful discussion!

Sunrise Lodge Fiber Studio said...

A forum on efficiency would be fabulous!!! It's true that most of us are are isolated, thus relying on the internet for most of our communication with other weavers. I'm thrilled and excited for Monday.....feels almost like Christmas, doesn't it? ;)

barbara said...

I would love to subscribe to Weaveolution - how does one go about signing up???? Efficiency tips wold be very, very useful!!! Weaverly yours ... Barbara

Anonymous said...

I think that's a great idea, Laura. I hope weavolution becomes a useful place for weavers to communicate. It has great possibilities.