Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Doing the Same Old Thing

Got the next warp rough sleyed before dinner, then afterwards I beamed/threaded/sleyed and tied on.

Since I've had issues of efficiency on my mind I did a quick time survey. The warp was beamed and threaded in under 30 minutes (10 inches at 16 epi, 5 meters long) and the sleying took 7 minutes. Tieing on took just about a minute and a half.

The last few days I've very rapidly gotten used to feeling well again. So much so, last night (possibly on an excess of energy after having had none for so long) I found myself planning on burning through as many chenille warps as possible for the next week to 10 days.

And caught myself just in time, reminding myself that there is no need to push myself like that any more. In terms of inventory, I've actually got lots for the upcoming fall sales. The only reason to make more is to a) have some new things to show and b) reduce stash!

So I dug out the Priority List I made up last week, crossed off the things that I've actually managed to complete and reviewed the rest.

Since weaving chenille scarves was, indeed, on the list, I carried on with doing that. But not at the rate of 4 scarves a day. Two per day is probably plenty. :}

Doing just one warp per day will also leave me time for other jobs on the list - winding skeins, possibly dyeing a batch or two, hemming - and tackle things like getting my house ready for much anticipated company in two weeks. :) And reading. I've got 6 books from the library, all of them brand new so likely not able to be renewed. :}

Doug has started turfing stuff out of the guest room, put up a shelving unit in the basement where I can store some stuff that's been stacked on the floor, and we've both been trying to deal with the accumulation of clutter that neither of us had any energy for previously. He even made a run to the Salvation Army yesterday and Habitat for Humanity today with stuff to 'recycle'.

As the sage says - if you keep doing what you've always been doing, you'll keep getting what you've always been getting. Time to do things differently, and achieve different results.


barbara said...

Beautiful painted warp Laura, love the colors. I like hearing your timings on specific jobs - something to aspire to! Sounds like you and Doug and working as a great team to "get rid of stuff". I too have difficulty getting rid of stuff. Was delighted when I got rid of some old "Truro Yarn" from my studio shelves, only one weaver on the Island uses this for placemats. Now, I can finally see a lot of my "stash" Gardening today before it starts to rain!!!! Weaverly yours ..

Sharon Schulze said...

I love the rush that comes from cleaning out and reorganizing. I haven't done a thorough job of that in a long time and I'm starting to itch for another session.

Laura said...

Not so much a rush at the moment - still too much chaos reigning. :)

But Doug and his friend should finish the attic today, and then we can focus on the inside of the house.

The challenge is to get Doug to get rid of stuff. :D I'm delighted that he's actually been doing it!