Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Home Again, Home Again

So, I'm home again, and trying to get myself organized.

One of the things I had Karena do last week when she was sorting out the storage area was to pull out all the painted warps she could find and leave them on the floor in the studio so that I could see what I have.

What I have is a whole lot of painted warps!

I'm pretty much unpacked and ready to head to town to mail an order for a copy of Magic, hit the bank, dentist and doctor. I'm really hoping that a change in cholesterol medication will work without the long list of 'adverse reactions' that I've been experiencing with everything we've tried so far. Otherwise, my blood pressure seems to be pretty much fine on the current mixture.

I am very greatful that I live in the 21st c. The level of technology and medical options available are pretty amazing. At the conference I talked with a couple of friends who are also going through medical issues and the prognosis now is so much better than it was even a few years ago. It is sobering to be reminded yet again that life is, indeed, fragile and precious.

For anyone else going through medical challenges - my best wishes to you. I am constantly reminded of a quote I read somewhere - Be kind to all you meet. Everyone is fighting a great battle.

I don't remember who this was attributed to, just that it was a Greek philosopher from around 600 BC. The human condition really hasn't changed much, has it?

Another quote I have on my fridge is by Winston Churchill - When you are going through hell, keep going. :D

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barbara said...

Yummy looking painted warps!!! Welcome home - hopefully you are there to stay put for a little bit. Always so much to do after traveling. Good luck with the doctor and dentist. Yes, if we face our challenges head on, and keep on going we will hopefully have the outcome we want. Cheers .....

Nancy C said...

Isn't it wonderful to come home when you've been traveling?
My house here in Alabama is the first "real home" I've had in a lifetime of living with a restless parent then apartments in different places where I worked, so, to come home to my own little roof, my critters, garden, shower, bed, tools, kitchen always feels like a miracle!
welcome home!!

Laura said...

I am home for 6 weeks, then off to Missouri. :)

I start the new medication tomorrow so we'll see how it goes.