Saturday, June 27, 2009

Too Much Quiet

The house seemed awfully empty and terribly quiet once our 'playmates' had left and I just didn't feel up to fighting with the fly shuttle box on the AVL.

So, consulting the handy job list, I was reminded that I needed to weave some samples of the yarn I will be offering for sale (some of it is already listed in my Art Fire store

The skeins of painted rayon slub have about 800 yards per skein - too much for a warp for one scarf, not enough for two. However I also have some painted Tencel from Yarns Plus in the right colour, so I coned off a skein of each and wound a 7 meter long warp using the two yarns together. A 7 meter long warp should easily give me 3 scarves.

Since this was for sample scarves I wasn't too fussed about exactly how wide the warp would be and simply kept winding until I ran out of yarn - 9 inches plus 4 ends wide.

The warp is set at 24 epi and for the first scarf I'm using Bambu 7 for weft.

The threading was a straight twill with Wall of Troy every once in a while. I'm not really sure why so many people say you must use only plain weave with variegated yarns. I think fancy twills look quite nice, too. :)

Not sure what else I'll use for weft for the other two scarves. I'm toying with trying a 1450 rayon chenille for one as I've several shades of blue that would probably look nice, too. If I use rayon chenille, I will use plain weave, though. Will see where the Muse leads me.

Tomorrow is lace - I'll let my Lace Ladies know the article in WeaveZine is published as they beta tested the pricking for it. :)

Currently reading The Devil's Disciples by Susanna Gregory


Delighted Hands said...

Beautiful! Love the texture the variety of color promotes.

Michelle said...

I've been wondering what to do with variegated wool that I want to weave into afghans. Plain weave sometimes seems too tame, so shall follow your suggestion and sample a twill.

BTW, I am currently reading The Carpet Wars and enjoying the adventure. Thanks for the recommendation.

barbara said...

I too like the idea of using the variegated fibre in a twill pattern ... thanks for bringing that to our attention. Weaverly yours ......

Susan B. said...

I just completed a set of bookmarks with the Wall of Troy pattern! In a couple of them, I used a variegated weft and thought they looked fine!

barbara said...

I just had a "big brain fart". Wrote out the threading to a tea towel warp - so it would be easier to read then the threading on my project sheet. I wrote the threading out completely wrong ....... so now am re-threading the loom. Oh, the lessons we learn.
Weaverly yours ...... Barbara

Laura said...

Wall of Troy is one of my fav threadings - it's short (just 10 ends/picks) and works well for so many things. :)

Barbara, sorry about your threading! I started sleying the warp on the AVL into the wrong reed and had to start all over so you're not alone in having brain cramps. :)