Thursday, June 18, 2009

Little Pockets

One of the challenges in getting my studio organized was trying to figure out what to do with all the little stuff that one uses on a daily/weekly basis. One wants it close to hand, but out of the way.

A friend gave me this shoe storage bag for Christmas one year. It's been great for storing those every day things, and some of the weird stuff that I don't know where to put but need to put 'away' somewhere.

As you can see, I could use a dozen more pockets, but so far I've been living with the vertical clutter in preference to the horizontal clutter these items would create on my work space. :)

You can also see my other secret weapon in terms of organization. Post-It Notes. Lots and lots of Post-It Notes. In many colours and shapes. Sometimes I use the colours for different tasks. Sometimes I just grab the first pad of them that comes to hand!

I write down scratch notes for warps - Length, Width, EPI - and toss them into the box with the wound warp so I don't forget what I did. Sometimes a wound warp will languish for months (nay, years!) before I finally get to weaving it. :( Sometimes what seemed like A Good Idea At The Time doesn't seem like such a great idea later, so that box may get shoved onto a shelf somewhere until I can come up with A Better Idea. :}

Progress on The Job List continues, and as is wont to do, grows in about equal proportion to my crossing things off. :} Life. Gotta love it. :D


Nancy C said...

Hey, Laura, I use a transparent shoe bag, the kind you hang over the closet door. I found one that's about six feet long...20 pockets in 5 four-across rows and two big pockets at the bottom. I love that I can see what's in the pockets.
Second on the post-its!

Laura said...

Good idea on the see through pockets. :)