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Saturday, July 25, 2009

Another Weaving Clip

The age old question - do you beat on an open shed? closing shed? closed shed?

I thought I beat on a closing shed until I really started thinking about what I was doing and observing what was actually happening. And then I began thinking that at the moment of impact, the shed was in fact closed.

So I set up the video camera so that it was recording what was happening behind the beater on a level with the warp in order to see.

And now you can, too.


Sandra Rude said...

That's what I do too. By the time the beater gets to the fell, it's a closed shed. Never filmed the action, though. Makes a nice rhythm, doesn't it?

Laura said...

yes, love that loom music. :D



Dorothy said...

Thanks for sharing the clip, it's always a treat to get a glimpse into someone else's studio and see them weave. There's so much to be learned from watching.

The video is a very good tool for discovering things like this. I have no video, so call my boyfriend in to watch and report what he sees, I'm sure it's much better to be able to watch the clip thorough for yourself. I never thought before that I might want to add a video recorder to my workshop equipment!

Beth said...

If only I could weave that quickly and get the same great selvages. One would think that after 25+ years of weaving I'd have it down pat. Hmm...

Anna said...

Wow youre fast! I see now too the benefits of a sinking shed....

Benita said...

Okay, your post made me curious as to what I do, so I paid attention as I wove last night and I beat on an open shed, and change sheds while it is closed. Hmmmm... I had no idea.

So which is better?

Laura said...

What is best is whatever suits your situation. :) So long as you have a smooth rhythm I don't think it matters too much unless and until you run into a situation where it isn't working. In that case analyze what's going on and make adjustments until you get good results.

If I'm weaving something very open, my weaving rhythm changes. I'll try to post a video next time I'm doing a gauze or more open fabric to show the difference.



Hilary said...

You are very fast!
Is this fabric where your selvedges don't matter so much, or are you just THAT good.
I suspect the latter!

Laura said...

Oh my selvedges matter! I'm weaving a rayon chenille scarf.