Thursday, July 9, 2009


Yes, it's that day. :) And how better than to spend it weaving?

The back of the loom is looking a little tatty as I 'suffered' a couple of broken ends. Using Kerstin's suggestion of running the repair end alongside the broken one means I won't have to do any needle weaving later.

Anyone wh0 has tried to needle weave chenille will know that this is A Good Thing!

I'm hoping to finish weaving afghan number 4 tonight after Doug takes me to dinner.

My loom also does double duty at times as a drying rack. I have way too little room for all the stuff I do, so my things have to multi-task just like I do! The pink draped over the back is some of the yarn I dyed yesterday.

Got word today on the travel plans for the third person coming in August, so that's all set up now. I'm really looking forward to all three of them coming to play in my playpen. :) It was great fun having Syne (and Kai) come earlier.

The summer is really flying by. Doug has made good progress on the bathroom, although it will still be a bit of a construction zone when Tien comes. The tub is now functional, although not the shower, but I'm hoping he will get that done while I'm in Missouri. Or at least done to the point where we can use the shower, even if the painting isn't done by the time she comes.

Currently reading Snow Crash by Neal Stephenson. The first paragraph in the book reads:
The Deliverator belongs to an elite order, a hallowed sub-category. He's got esprit up to here. Right now, he is preparing to carry out his third mission of the night. His uniform is black as activated charcoal, filtering the very light out of the air. A bullet will bounce off its arachno-fiber weave like a wren hitting a patio door, but excess perspiration wafts through it like a breeze through a freshly napalmed forest. Where his body has bony extremities, the suit has sintered armorgel; feels like gritty jello, protects like a stack of telephone books.

How could I not pick this one up at the library????


Sandra Rude said...

ANYTHING by Neal Stevenson is a good read. Take it from me, I've read 'em all!

And if you think "a few" ends hanging off the back of the loom is tatty, you should see mine. Nine weighted film canisters hanging back there, plus the nine on which the replaced ends wait to be swapped back in when the current scarf is woven and I'm ready to start the next.

Sandra Rude said...

p.s. And a very happy birthday!

Swanknitter said...

Happy birthday! And I think yuo will enjoy Snow crash; I did

Laura said...

Well, I cheated and only showed half of the loom - there are more danglies on the other end. :}



barbara said...

Belated Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a great celebration. Can you tell me about "laying in the thread" in the chenille warp? Sounds like a neat idea, for when you have to "needle weave". On a recent 8 harness weave, white warp, I was working on; when I was fixing a thread, I put on a white thread and a red thread through, then when I wove in the ends, I just followed the red thread and pulled it out after wards (does this make sense)? I still have to needle weave the ends in. Cheers ... Barbara

Beth said...

Happy Belated Birthday, Laura! Mine is today and weaving all day is exactly what I plan. Hope you had a lovely birthday.

Delighted Hands said...

Happy Birthday.......enjoy.

Linda Z said...

Happy Birthday a bit late from a July 10th birthday girl! We moonchildren always seem to be so creative :)