Friday, July 10, 2009

Sensational Sixties

more camo cloth

When I turned 49, I told friends and family that I was poised to enter my Golden Years. Little did I know.

Now I'm 59. A year and a bit after my angiogram, a month and a bit after changing my cholesterol medication to the Niacin, I am not only feeling better than I have for a year, I am feeling better than I have done for 10+ years. Because truth be told, upon reflection I now recognize that the CAD had been creeping up on me for more than 10 years. Talk about slow and insidious!

It's been 6 weeks since I started the Niacin, and after a bobble in my bp for a week - no doubt as my body adjusted to the chemical - my bp has been pretty darned good. My doctor somewhat reluctantly agreed that I could stay on the introductory dose for a further three months, at which time we'll check my cholesterol level and then decide if we push it up any further. Frankly, I'd much rather have a slightly higher cholesterol level than the basement low they are recommending and stay on the lower dose of medication.

As for the two blockages left, I'm supposed to monitor my 'symptoms' and go back when I have some. Since my 'symptoms' were atypical, it will be a matter of staying aware and then insisting on the stress test as soon as I feel it is necessary.

In the meantime I'm taking the Cardiac Cocktail - rich in omega fatty acids, amino acids and all sorts of stuff good for the cardio-vascular system, maintaining a high fibre diet, drinking the pomegranate juice and trying to weave for at least 30 minutes or more every day. For me weaving is aerobic, I enjoy it, and at the end of it I've got cloth to show for it. What's not to love?

We will also be heading back to the gym soon and I will try to do more aerobic stuff and build up stamina - something I lost over the last few years when I simply didn't have the energy or breath to maintain it.

So, now I am 59 and looking at the big 6-0 next July. I think my sixties are going to be Sensational!


barbara said...

Great to hear you are feeling so much better Laura. Keep a close eye on everything, we do have to advocate for ourselves; and we are the only ones that can tell a doctor what is going on within our bodies. We also have to remember to "listen" to our bodies when they tell us to slow down for a wee rest.
Weaverly yours ..... Barbara

Delighted Hands said...

By our middle years, at least we have learned how to roll with the ripples. Glad you are finding your own again!

Michelle said...

Happy to hear that niacin is working for you. Do you take a statin as well?

What's nice about using a gym for cardio is that you can listen to books as you work out on the elliptical, treadmill, and bike...the brain is exercised along with the body. :)

Laura said...

No, the reason I started the Niacin is because the statins (and all the other cholesterol options) were causing massive adverse reactions. :(

So far, so good. :D