Thursday, July 16, 2009

Instant Gratification

I confess that the past few weeks or so I've been having difficulty staying on focus and doing everything that needs to be done. The job list made up with such good intentions a while ago has been largely ignored recently and I find myself constantly heading to the Fanny loom, the rayon chenille, the brilliant colours and the soothing repetition of good old plain weave. It's about as close to instant gratification as you can get in weaving. :}

Karena came on Monday and filled all the boxes with more warps, so I have an enabler. :^)

Oh well, I'm making a dent (a very tiny dent!) in the rayon stash! :D

When I'm not weaving on Fanny, I'm knitting, doing a bit of hemming now and then (still blaming my new glasses for not wanting to do any really fine work) and fwipping (technical term) bobbins.

The fan is going well with only a few oopsies needing to be frogged (knitting technical term - not sure what the bl equivalent would be - reverse fwipping?) and it's nearly done. I may even get it finished before I leave tomorrow. I'll see how I feel after I'm done packing.

The start is ratty, but I'll fine tune that on the next one. This one is being woven with 2/20 merc. cotton. I'm thinking black for the base and workers (weft) in the fans with something brilliant for the passives (warp) in the fans. (A bit confusing - I'm weaving a fan made up of fans - the bit that looks a little bit like feathers.)

For more info on bobbin lace see the article a few weeks ago in WeaveZine


Delighted Hands said...

Not too many people classify bobbin lace as instant gratification! It is beautiful!

Nancy C said...

Dang it, Laura! You got me sufficiently curious to order a beginner kit.
Well, it's portable, right?
ANother week of "art camp" and I have been informed by one of my kids that they aren't "Little" weavers, they are YOUNG weavers! I stand corrected (see my blog entry!)
As usual, they surprised the heck out of me with their work. One child who is 8 and never woven before, did a lovely scarf! Beautiful selvedges!
the fan is gorgeous.
Sipping a cuppa tea before seizing the day!

Laura said...

Yes the bobbin lace is a lot more portable than loom weaving. It's also very satisfying in a different way than throwing the shuttle. I didn't think I'd like it - until I tried it. :)

All packed ready to leave for Missouri.