Friday, July 3, 2009


After years of trying to figure out how to make more space in our teensy tiny bathroom, we finally threw up our hands and decided to just do the needed repairs and update the facilities - new tub, toilet, basin and medicine cabinet.

But before that could be done, Doug needed to remove the existing fixtures and repair the tub surround. This is how it looked at around 1:30 pm today.

He is going to upgrade the plumbing, which meant I had to move a bunch of stuff in the storage area last night, so both the upstairs and the studio are once again in a state of upheaval. But at least the job is getting done at long last!

And yes, indeedy, I also made progress. The AVL was fired up and I finished off the second afghan before stopping for a late lunch. The current pattern doesn't show up very well on the loom. I'll see if the next one does so I can post a photo.

The loom is still intermittently being 'bad', but less often and I've figured out a somewhat easier way to get the shuttle box aligned, so all in all I'm feeling less inclined to procrasinate over proceeding on this slow going warp. :}

The good news is that I'm using up more of the rayon chenille, although not nearly as much as anticipated. I surely do have depth on inventory in terms of rayon chenille!

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Delighted Hands said...

It seems my whole married life (32yrs) has been a rennovation project! It will be a big perker-upper when you are done!