Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tea Towels for Tien

So here is the first warp for Tien to weave on when she arrives.

Once in a while I do a time study to see how long a particular task takes me. I do this for many reasons - pricing - partly - so I know how much money I should be charging for my wovens. But I also do it for reasons of scheduling - what can I expect to accomplish in a certain time frame?

While I've been happy dressing the Fanny with the warping valet, I had not done a time study for a while, particularly for tea towels.

This warp is a pretty standard format for towels - a bit wider due to the stripe repeat in the warp at 26" in the reed - but using 16/2 cotton at 32 epi, 11 meters long.

I set the rough sleyed reed into the beater at 1:30 pm. At 2:45 pm I was securing the lease sticks in the angel wings.

So 1 hour and 15 minutes to set the warp into the loom attaching it to the apron rod and beam it, including transferring the cross. That's actually a little bit better than I was expecting.

Now to thread, sley and tie on.


Linda Z said...

Hi Laura,
As I'm looking at the picture, I'm trying to figure a couple things out. I've read about rough sleying the reed but I'm not sure I've grasped it.
It looks like you have the warp weighted over the valet, then under the breast beam, through the reed, to the lease sticks, and ready to go over the back beam and onto the warp beam.
It appears that the purpose of rough sleying is to maintain the warp width (and prevent tangling)as the warp is wound on the beam.
Did I get it? Or am I missing anything? I think I'm having an A-Ha! moment thanks to your photo and I just want to confirm :)

Laura said...

Yes, the reed is to hold the warp to its width. I find that with fine threads - 16/2 and finer - a raddle just doesn't work very well as there are too many ends in each section of the raddle. The reed helps to prevent the threads from twisting around each other and smooths the beaming process so that I don't have to fight with the threads.

Rather than buy a raddle I just rough sley everything now. :)