Sunday, November 8, 2009

Day Three and Over

The wall of Red (taken with the Blackberry - sorry)

This photo is a bit more orange than real life - the orange-y scarf in the centre of the wall is actually a gold and faded blue.

I realized that I had a lot - and by a lot I mean a lot - of red scarves when I was setting up the booth so I put them at the corner as eye candy. Never under estimate the power of the colour red to catch someone's eye and draw them closer.

But the real eye magnet in my booth was that rogue gold and faded blue scarf. I lost count of how many people made a bee line for that scarf! The good news is that two of the three I brought sold. :D

Sales were not as brisk as I'd hoped, but given the economy am not unduly disappointed. :)

And I got lots of compliments. The ones from the public are always nice, but it's the ones from other vendors that really mean a lot to me. They have a much better appreciation of the amount of work than Joe and Jill Public generally do.

Although one shopper won my heart when he commented "You've been weaving for a very long time, haven't you." Yup. ;)

One of the other vendors said that they do 125 shows a year (!) and my weaving was the best he'd seen. :)

After talking about shows on the Lower Mainland with him, Doug and I have decided to investigate doing One of a Kind. They will be in the new convention centre next year, mid-December (instead of early October, which is a really terrible time if you want to capture the Christmas market.) I don't know how well sales will go given Circle Craft is in early November, but perhaps they will be far enough apart that it will be okay.

At any rate, we did OOAK in Toronto a few years ago and they've got their marketing down pat so we'll apply and see if we get accepted. And Vancouver is drive-able, where Toronto isn't.

Still have to unload the van but Doug and I are catching our respective breaths and will deal with that shortly.

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barbara said...

Hi Laura,
I would think your work would do well at "One-Of-A-Kind". Hopefully, you will be accepted - I can't imagine your work not being accepted!!!! With this recession - it is a struggle. Just keep the good "karma" going, the happier you are with what you receive, the more you will receive.
Weaverly yours ....... Barbara