Monday, November 23, 2009


four knitted scarves

Yes, there are four scarves here - there are two pink/purple scarves - one skein had a slightly darker purple than the other.......

In one of her books Stephanie Pearl-McPhee (The Yarn Harlot) talks about knitting and patience.

She points out that knitters are no more patient than any other person. It is not that knitters are inherently patient, but rather it is because they are knitting that they can be patient.

I can go along with that observation.

I try to never go anywhere that there is a possibility I might need to wait for more than a minute or two without a trusty book or knitting project. I can cope with waiting for quite a long time so long as I can read or knit while I'm waiting. Take those waiting coping tools away from me and I become a very unhappy camper.........

So, since Doug was with me on this trip I brought along both books and knitting. As it happened, it was slower than we'd hoped, and there was no need for both of us to be in the booth to wait on customers, so I wound up with a lot more knitting time than anticipated.

And I ran out of yarn! OH NO! Ack! What to do! I went to a couple of stores to see if I could find some cheap acrylic, but no, not a skein was to be found.

So I did the only thing I could do. I bought a skein of hand spun 2 ply indigo dyed wool from one of the other vendors! (Joybilee Farms - hi Chris!) And started another scarf.

Since the skein wasn't terribly large, I wound up ripping it out twice and starting over making the scarf successively narrower so that I could get a scarf that was long enough for the intended recipient. :} And still finished knitting it in the van before getting home.........

I also finished the one book I'd been reading and started the next. And then it got dark. And then it started to snow. Even though I wasn't driving - this time - I was not very comfortable with the road conditions. A cd of Tom Cochrane's Greatest Hits kept me reasonably distracted and we got home by 8 pm or so.

We were way too tired to deal with unloading, so left that for today. It's now unloaded, but I have no idea where I'm going to put the content of the boxes. :( Since I may have some customers come to look at textiles in the next couple of weeks, I have to re-organize the store room, and hopefully bend time and space sufficiently to get everything in there, looking neat and attractive.

A challenge for another day.

Currently reading The Shaman's Game by James Doss

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Nancy C said...

You gave me yet another chuckle! When I lived in NYC, one of my nightmare-scenarios was to get stuck on the subway with nothing to do or read! I got quite a lot of knitting done in those days! You are poking me now! I bought some neat sock-yarn a while back and really need to knit that up!
Nancy C.